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Nashon, the son of Amminadab

So Moses and Aaron took these men who had been designated by name.” (Numbers 1:17)

For the tribe of Judah, the captain of the people was Nahshon ben Amminadab.

Nashon means “diviner” or “enchanter.”  It can be used both in a negative and a positive sense.  Here, it likely was a reference to the coming prophets that the Lord would use as His mouthpiece upon entering the Promised Land.

Amminadab, the father, represents Israel in her days of bondage. This name comes in three parts, Am-i-nadab. Am is people, and the personal pronoun found in “i” makes it “my people.” So, Amminadab is “My people are nadab.” Nadab is to be “offered willingly” and can refer to generosity or those who volunteer themselves for service.

Nashon’s son, who would enter the Promised Land, married the Rahab who was famously known for her connection with Jericho.  From this marriage eventually came Boaz, who married Ruth, and from them came David, the foreshadow of the King of the Jews!

When the people arrived in the Promised Land, they would hear the word of God through the prophets. Until they “willingly offered” themselves to the Lord’s care, they would wander in the wilderness.

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Dr. Randy White

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