Word for the World devotionals from Dr. Randy White

Blessed Hunger

“A worker’s appetite works for him, For his hunger urges him on.” (Proverbs 16:26, NASB95)

I’ve noticed through the years that the best employees are those who need the money!  These employees show up on time, work diligently through the day, complain little, find new and better methods, and show up again the next day.   I believe this is why God’s pattern of calling Old Testament Prophets was chiefly to call them from a “working-man’s” world.  Amos was a fig-picker and Elisha worked in the fields.  In the New Testament the pattern was fishermen and other’s of the “paycheck-to-paycheck” class.    Those who have to work to eat will keep working when the going gets tough. 

In the ministry, one of the worst things that can happen is for a minister to have something “to fall back on.”  If he can teach, fix cars, work in sales, build something, or carry out any other gainful employment, he is likely to go there when the pressure is on.  The one who has no place to turn will have to deal with the situation and work it out by working through it.

While there is some application in the work world, the place I really want to apply this is in your own spiritual world.  Are you spiritually hungry to the point that you run to God for direction at every turn?  Does your spiritual hunger urge you on when the devil is giving another option?  Do you have a spiritual appetite that will cause you to long for God like a deer pants for water?

In the words of Jesus, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6).

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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