July 27, 2009

Where can you go for accurate information on health care reform? Heritage.org is one excellent web source. You should also checkout a YouTube video that depicts in an easy-to-understand manner what will happen if the liberal Democrat version of health care is imposed on the country. Go to YouTube.com and type in “not so sure” in the search box. Share it with others.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had a good column in last Wenesday’s Wall Street Journal. Gov. Jindal outlined seven steps that would preserve our great health care system, expand insurance coverage and prevent tax increases and rationing. Among his proposals: consumer choice guided by transparency; medical lawsuit reform; pooling coverage for small businesses and the self-employed; refundable tax credits.

Take the time to read the Jindal proposals. They will work. It would be nice if both parties put aside their ideology and focused on something that would benefit us and not their campaign contributors and their own political self-interest.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.