“So I spoke to Your disciples, that they could cast it out, but they could not.”  (Mark 9:17)

At the bottom of the mountain, the disciples were powerless against the demonic activity that violently gripped this young boy. This impossibility was bigger than their faith. The only thing left for them to do was wait for power to come down from the mountain and deliver them from their powerlessness. Likewise, when you’re at the bottom of the mountain and the leadership is at the top, be careful whom you listen to. When you find yourself at the bottom of the mountain, remember that hope is on the way for the helpless.

Fix your focus on Jesus and live your life looking up!

There’s something in the human heart that longs to go higher and higher. Down times may come but our desire is always to be on our way up. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because you’re made in God’s image. You’re designed to live looking up, focused on Jesus. That’s how you really live life to the fullest!

Join Pastor West on a journey through the Psalms with his new series Going Up and discover how to fix your focus on Jesus through all of life’s ups and downs. You’ll…

  • Gain a heavenly perspective on your earthly life
  • Experience joy in God’s overwhelming love for you
  • Find power to live out God’s plan for you every day

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