God, who at various times and in various ways spoke . . . (Hebrews 1:1)
God has chosen to reveal Himself throughout history in various ways. Sometimes God spoke verbally. He also spoke in dreams, as with Joseph and Daniel, and through visions, as He did with Ezekiel, who saw “wheels in the middle of wheels.” In each event they were merely fragmentary, intermittent segments of the full revelation of Christ. Today the totality of God’s love toward us is met in the person of Jesus Christ. You can comprehend Christ’s completeness by carefully reading what God has spoken in the past and realizing the fulfillment of His speech in the present. 


Living in the In-Between Times

As people following Christ, we all experience stop and go, arrival and departure, life and death. We know about living in between pivotal moments. It’s easy to believe that God is not at work in the ordinary. But He is! Through my book Living in the In-Between Times, you’ll discover how God speaks to you, how you can respond, and the significance of decisive commitment to the will of God.