The Father loveth the Son, and showeth him all things that himself doeth - John 5:20

Heaven stands open to me, my Lord, in these deep and holy words. Through the open door I see the source of the golden light that shone around Thy earthly life, and detect the secret of the music that ever sounded around Thy path, as the music of the golden bells when Aaron passed to and fro.
The Father loved Thee, not only because Thou weft His Son, dwelling in His bosom, but because Thou weft His obedient Servant. And I would inherit a similar love; not only the love of my adoption, but of service; for Thou saidst, "If a man love Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him."
The Father was ever showing Thee what He was doing in the unseen and eternal depths. Indeed, it seemed that Thou weft more occupied in beholding the things which were unseen than those which were seen. Thine eye was ever on the dial-plate of eternity, and Thine ear attent to the note of the tide on its shore. Thou didst nothing that was not in the pattern shown Thee on the mount of fellowship; but whatever was wrought there Thou didst here. Teach me to live like this.
Thy Father led Thee to ever greater works. First the daughter of Jairus, then Lazarus; first the Sermon on the Mount, then the prophecies of the closing days; first the Mountain of Transfiguration, then of Ascension. So would I be led forward, from Cana to Calvary; from Bethlehem to Bethany; from Jerusalem to the uttermost part of the world. Ever greater things, because with profounder humility and deeper insight into the meaning of Thy death. Deeper and therefore higher; nearer Thy cross, and therefore reaching further.