If thou knewest the gift of God… - John 4:10

There are wonderful contrasts here! He who gives rest sits weary on the well-head; He who was the Jews' Messiah utters His deepest lessons to a woman of Samaria; He that gives living water asks for water from the dark, cool depths that lay beneath them.
God's best things are gifts. - Light, air, natural beauty, elasticity of the spirits, the sense of vigorous health, human love, and, above all, His only begotten and beloved Son. Among all other gifts is there one to be compared to this? The living spring of eternal life, which Jesus opens up in our hearts, and which so greatly differs from the pit of outward ordinance, is an altogether unspeakable bestowment. Nothing can purchase it. If a man would give all the substance of his house for it, it would be utterly contemned. It must be received as a gift, or not at all.
God's gifts must be asked for. - "Thou wouldest have asked, and He would have given." This is the law of heaven. Prayer is a necessary link between the Divine hand that gives and the human heart that receives. We have not, because we ask not. There is nothing in our Lord's words of the dreamy and languid pietism which refuses to ask because it will not dictate to the perfect wisdom of God.
If we had fuller knowledge we should pray more. - "If thou knewest ... thou wouldest ask." If thou knewest who He is that stands beside thee, in thy hours of private prayer - if thou knewest all the possibilities of the life of prayer-if thou knewest what gains would accrue to thee on thy knees, thou wouldest give thyself to prayer, as though it were the main object of thy life.