Life is Good! [Part 1]


Are you ready for some good news?

God is good. God gives life. Life is good!

Today’s Text: “And God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:10, ESV)

Good takes delight in His creation with a joyful childlike attitude that is surprising. He is an omniscient deity, He is creating it all, and the creation story unfolds with an element of drama because you are wondering if the next phase of creation will be something that God will take delight in. It is almost like that of a little child who sees something beautiful and says: That’s good!

Author Tony Campolo, in referencing some words from G. K. Chesterton,[1] said he imagined that God created daisies one at a time because of His pleasure with each step of creation. He likened that pleasure to that of a child whom you bounce on your knee, throw up in the air and catch. Then, laughing and giggling, what does he say? Do it again! So you take him, you turn him around and you throw him in the air. He comes down and he says, Do it again! Again, you take him, throw him up in the air and he says, Do it again! You know how many times he will tell you to do it again? Unlimited times! Do it again! Do it again! ... ... ...

Campolo said he thinks this is the way God made all the daisies, that He didn’t just say, Let there be daisies everywhere. Instead, He crafted that Eye of the Day and He said: I like that. Do it again! I like that, do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again![2]

It is an enormous joy to realize that God takes delight in His creative work because you are part of His creation. In fact, you are the pinnacle of His creation. You are His masterpiece – His best work. It was after He created humanity that God saw “it was very good.” God made you and gave you life. Your life is good in God’s eyes. And that’s the Gospel!

[1]G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton, Orthodoxy (New York: John Lane, 1909). Chapter 4.

[2]Tony Campolo, Let Me Tell You a Story (Nashville: World Publishing, 2000) 12.

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