From Self-Confidence to Spirit-Confidence [Part 2]


Are you ready for some good news?

Peter, the worst denier of Jesus, became His greatest champion. The same can happen for anyone.

Today’s Text: “So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls.” (Acts 2:41, ESV)

It’s astounding. The man who didn’t have enough courage to admit to a servant girl that he even knew Jesus, stood up on the day of Pentecost and proclaimed the Gospel boldly to thousands.

What changed?

When the Spirit filled Peter, the wonder of Christ and His Gospel became so glorious to the fickle fisherman that he couldn’t contain himself. Peter had to invite people to see what he saw.

On the first day of vacation some years ago I ran to see the beach before the sun ducked into darkness. When I stepped onto the sand, the sky nearly took my breath away. The rich reds and warm orange hues in the sunset merged with some wispy pink clouds for a glorious showcase of God’s beauty. Instantly, unthinkingly, I raced back inside and cried out for my wife: “Honey, the sunset is gorgeous – come quickly!” She hesitated, preoccupied with unpacking and settling in. I pleaded: “Sweetie, you must come – it won’t last long. It is worth it, I promise!’

Anne reluctantly left her nesting for a few moments and joined me on the beach. She was enthralled and I was satisfied.

When you see something glorious, no one has to urge you to share it. When you see something wonderful – when your soul is transfixed in awe -- you instinctively want others to see what you see.

That was the heart of Peter’s transformation. The former fisher of fish had indeed become a fisher of people, but it wasn’t because Jesus had cajoled him into evangelistic endeavors.

Peter, like others on that Pentecost day, was filled with the Spirit of revelation and truth. As the Holy Spirit flooded into his heart, Peter saw what he hadn’t seen before. He saw the beauty and wonder of the Gospel. It all made sense to him – the Torah and the Prophets and the teachings of Jesus. It all made beautiful, glorious, sense to his soul. It was the most wonderful thing he’d ever seen. So he called everyone to see it with him. That’s really what evangelism is – an invitation to see the beauty of God’s redemptive plan. And that’s the Gospel!

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