Son of David [Part 1]


Are you ready for some good news?

David was Israel’s hero, shepherd and king. He was bigger than life. No one could ever be a David again – except a Messiah. His name is Jesus and He’s the glorious Son of David.

As we celebrate our liberty in America today, its fitting that we begin a new series on the life of David – the hero who liberated Israel from the clutches of Philistine tyranny.

When our son Bennett was little, he loved play-acting David and Goliath. He would be David, of course, and I would be the giant, Goliath. Bennett knew all the lines, and he never tired of playing the part of the unlikely conquering hero. He once declared that, when he grew up, he’d like to make a big movie about David. Someone ought to make a movie about David – it’d be epic.

 It got me wondering – who would you cast to play the part of David?

David was such a complex character. He was a shepherd boy in the hills outside of Bethlehem who played music and was skilled in writing poetry. But David was also a giant slayer – a real hero, courageous and skilled in battle. He was also David the king.  

Who could play David the shepherd? Maybe Hugh Grant? Who could play David the warrior? Maybe Liam Neeson? Who could play David the king? It would have to be Morgan Freeman!

It’s impossible for me to think of one person who could play the part of David. David was a shepherd, a hero, and a king. In fact, I can only think of one person who could play such a role other than David – the Son of David, Jesus the Messiah.

Jesus played David better than David played himself. Matthew introduces his gospel by referring to Jesus as the Son of David. You will never fully understand Jesus until you understand David. Jesus is your shepherd. He’s your hero. He’s your king. And that’s the Gospel.

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