Boundless Blessedness [Part 2]

Are you ready for some good news?

You don’t just get blessed because you give; you are blessed in the giving.

Today’s Text: “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”” (Acts 20:35, ESV)

The blessedness unto the giver isn’t limited to the harvest that sowing brings. The blessedness is in the actual giving itself.

I played soccer my sophomore year in high school. Actually, let’s put quotes on the word “played.” I was on the team. I went to practice. I sat on the bench. But there wasn’t much “playing.”

But, on occasion, when our team had amassed an unsurpassable lead, Coach Osborne might holler: “Wright, you’re in on the right wing.” There were a lot of older, better kids on the team, but no one out hustled me. In those rare moments that I actually got on the playing field, I gave it everything I had.

Did you catch my language above? What was my privilege on the field? A chance to give my best. The guy on the team who gets the biggest opportunity to give his all on the field is the most blessed guy!

The giving of oneself is the blessing.

Anne and I are freshly empty nested. We don’t have to clean up after toddlers or wipe runny noses or wash load after load of laundry. We don’t have to drive kids to classes or dance lessons or golf tournaments. We don’t have to give to them everyday in the way we once did. And I miss it.

Giving to my children, raising them into adulthood, is by far the most fun thing I’ve ever done because it is more blessed to give than receive. All of life is that way.

The giving is the blessing.

And that’s the Gospel!

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