Strengthening Our Faith [Part 8]

February 12

Jesus is the pioneer of our faith. He has provided us with the only perfect example of what the life of faith is. Jesus came from heaven down to Bethlehem, and from Bethlehem to Mount Calvary, and from Mount Calvary into the Garden Tomb, and back to Heaven again. How did He do it? The Bible says that Jesus had His face set like a flint towards Jerusalem. He had his face set towards the cross. Jesus went all the way to the cross-despising the shame and did what God sent Him to do and then He went back to heaven and completed His work. And listen, this same Jesus lives in you and me. So how are we supposed to deal with trouble in our lives? How are we supposed to deal with things that come our way? We are to deal with them with faith. If your faith is weak then you must prepare to have your faith strengthened by responding the right way to things that happen to you. My friend, you need to remember that Mr. Faith Himself lives inside of you.

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