The Bible wants you to value yourself because you are made in the image of God, recognize that you are loved not because of what you do but because God in His grace has chosen you. When we trust in Jesus  He makes us new with a passion to live to meet other people’s needs. This is not in an unhealthy neurotic sense where we think of ourselves as everyone else’s dish rag and we are manipulated to do all their dirty work. But, in a healthy sense, where we say, “I’m gifted by the Holy Spirit, I’m talented in this area, therefore, like the Son of God, I can take off my outer garments, gird my loins with a towel, and wash other people’s feet, not because I feel inferior, but because I feel accepted in my Father’s love and I am built to serve.” It’s time for us to remember today that our Savior came into the world to serve rather than to be served. And if we walk in His steps, He will surprise us with joy and fulfillment not dependent on our outward circumstances.


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