We've all heard Paul's famous love poem. Remember the part when he states that love acts kindly? This is close to the part when Paul tells us that love acts in patience, especially toward someone who is hurting us. This is the exact opposite of those who come out yelling and hitting when they are wronged. This violent temper that erupts and pours burning lava over everyone that gets close has no part in Calvary love. Kind and patient actions on the outside cannot be hiding fury inside. Anger turned inward will generate deep depression--a depression that can flare in outbursts of anger with the slightest provocation. It's like a big tank of acid that can destroy a church, a family, and ultimately the person who is venting.

Jesus continues to challenge us to come to Him just as we are and admit and face the rage within. Grace leaves no room for pretending and hiding. It calls, instead, for honest confession, admitting total inability without Jesus, and total dependence upon the Spirit Jesus sent to live inside of us the moment we believed. This is the only Spirit who can actually change that furious spirit that usurps power over our hearts.


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