You may have listened to Satan’s voice again and again.  He loves to whisper, "The reason you don’t really grow, the reason you don’t go on in your faith, the reason you don’t turn full face towards God and really get close to Him is that you're actually too bad for God. You're evil, and God has rejected you." That is the Liar's lie. Jonah was in the depths of the grave. The belly of a fish is as low as it gets, but Jonah, unlike so many of us, called out. He believed he could still make a connection from the bottom of the sea. There's nothing we have done. There's no place we have been. There's no sin we have ever committed that God can't deal with, except a hard heart that won't cry out to Him for help.  Cry out like Jonah! The Lord will never drop the call. 


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