Many of us go to church every week. We sing the songs. We read the Scripture. We listen to the sermon, and after the benediction, we go out and live the way we please, not obeying God. When it comes to morality, the sad truth is that many polls indicate that those who go to church aren't much different than those who do not. Now that's a statistic that those of us who actually do have a relationship with Jesus need to contradict, not by how we answer on a poll, but how we live. Want to demonstrate that God knows what He's talking about when it comes to sexual morality? Allow the Holy Spirit to help you to enjoy it in the covenant of marriage. Want to prove that God means it when He tells us not to bear false witness? Prove in all your business dealings that you are a person who can always be counted on to keep your word. Proverbs presents Lady Wisdom taking her message out into the streets. It's time for us as authentic believers to do the same. There's nothing like the facts of life to counter a deceptive, destructive argument. Jesus commands us to go and make disciples. This did not mean for us to go all over the world and build churches and fill them with people. It meant for us to go all over the world and by Jesus' Spirit's power to generate students of Jesus who will be just like Him when they're all grown up. 

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