I guarantee, if you live long enough, you will be joining Mary and Mary Magdeline at a graveside. You will weep. As the two Marys walked to Jesus' grave on Easter morning, their life was gone. Jesus was the man they dreamed would be the answer. This was the man who touched blind eyes and they could see. This is the man who raised the dead, but now he himself was dead. The women saw him stripped, beaten, and pierced. They watched him die and his death ended all their hopes. Their worst fears had come to fruition. All of us will face this same despair and that is why we need to keep reading the account. As these ladies came to the tomb of Jesus, they came to grieve, to mourn, and to honor the body of their dead loved one. But when they got there, God had a different ending to His Story. There was a grave, but it was empty. In Matthew's narrative the angel tells the women to go into the grave and check it out for themselves. He is not here. He is risen.


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