Watch all the Christmas specials. Listen to the songs of romance and love. All this flows from the celebration of Jesus' birth, but in the midst of all the Christmas warmth and romance, we need to carefully read the story again. Why did God include a murderous lying Herod? What about religious leaders who won't even walk a few miles to investigate whether or not the Messiah actually did come? When we hear about all the refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria, do we realize that our Savior had to flee as a refugee from Bethlehem to Egypt? Our worship during the Christmas season needs to be far more than a nostalgic recapturing of childhood memories. It needs to face the horror of a world still under the dominion of evil. A world that still needs to hear that Jesus died so that the most virulent darkness in the human heart can be forgiven, and that He rose so that even terrorists like Saul of Tarsus can become the Apostle Paul who proclaimed Jesus' grace. Peace on earth can begin with peace in our hearts as we open today to Christ's reconciling love revealed at Calvary.


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