Because the Colonial Army at Bunker Hill fought tyranny, we Americans have enjoyed freedom for over two hundred years. Because Jesus won the Battle of Olivet Hill as He wrestled against going to the cross, believers from every nation have freedom from a far greater tyranny—the tyranny of death. Trust in Jesus and death becomes only the door that ushers us into the presence of the Lord. That's why the Apostle Paul could say, "Absent from the body, present with the Lord!" Our Savior conquered the tempter in the wilderness at the beginning of His ministry. On the Mt. of Olives before His arrest He was able to turn away from the temptation to turn away from the cross by honestly pouring out His soul to His Father in prayer. Mark 14:32-42 shows me how my Savior conquered temptation. His Spirit wants to teach me how to follow in His steps.


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