When we start to think that we know more than God we're in trouble. For example when you think God is surprised when your research in the lab as a biochemist reveals that mitochondria's job in the cell involves more than energy production, you've forgotten who the Scriptures say that God is. Now the Bible is not a biochemistry textbook, but it does tell us that because we are made in His image we can discover and trace what He did and what He is doing in His creation. When we lose this reverence for God as Creator according to Proverbs 3:19-30 and 8:22-34, we don't become smarter. We become foolish. Before you buy into the frequently told lie that science and biblical faith are antithetical, you might want to read more than Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawkings. Check out Galileo, Francis Bacon, Francis Collins, John Polkinghorne, and Alister McGrath. You can bet when all the research is in, what we learn in the school of science about nature will not contradict what the Creator had to say when we correctly interpret His Word in the Scriptures. All of us, including scientists, need to humbly remain on our knees so that we  won't be conned by our arrogance. Proverbs still holds that the beginning of all wisdom is a reverent trust in the LORD. Don't waste time thinking you're smarter than God.


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