The creation that we live in—the heavens, the stars, the ocean, the chemical processes of life, the physical processes of life—they are all controlled by an incredibly skillful blueprint.  I think most buy that, although some say, “No, life is only the throw of the dice on a Las Vegas game table.” Dr. Frances Collins and his team mapped the human genome and one thing is clear. At the core of human life is a very sophisticated program and the code language couldn't happen by accident. The Book of Proverbs in chapter 8 claims that just as God followed a blueprint in creating the physical world, He has a skillful plan for the way we humans should live our lives. He calls it His Wisdom, and when we ask Jesus to come and live in our lives, He gives us the power to actually live out this blueprint. I know a lot of folks say that we can all make up our own plan. I hope you won't wait till it is too late to figure out that this is a very dumb thing to believe about something as delicate and wonderful as a human life.

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