You never make love before you get married, you always make lust. Because our culture makes love equal sex, we call it "love" when passions ignite, self-control is gone, and the powerful forces meant to seal sacred covenant promises with the potential for new life is turned into a casual, fun filled conclusion to a party. This union is not filled with thoughts of commitment, faithfulness, purity, and devotion. It's about satisfying the hunger of selfish desires. The truth is that if we can't control our sexual passions before marriage, how is twenty minutes in a marriage ceremony going to change us? If we would have sex with someone we have not made a covenant promise to before we get married, there is a strong chance we will seek the thrill of forbidden pleasure after marriage. Jesus wants to forgive us by his grace (and this includes our sexual sins), but He also changes us so that we stop playing games with sex, and instead enjoy it under His guidance and control.  It's time for the followers of Christ to become living evidence that God's Word has the right stuff when it comes to sex and sexuality.