"Saint" --we think it is the title of super Christians who the church recognizes for their super holiness and miraculous power. In the New Testament it designates all who receive Christ's gracious forgiveness based in His cross. Before God sainthood is not earned by heroic works of charity but is a gift. We can be called saints because of God's gift, because He chose us, and it has nothing to do with our performance. God didn't look down the corridors of time and say, “Wow! Look what they will do in my family. Let's invite this good person who will do so many good things into the family." Instead He called rebellious sinners. We all have to sing, "Just as I am without one plea. But that His blood was shed for me!" Revel in grace today. Listen to God say, “I wanted you, I chose to love you. It's a totally free gift."


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