During the forty years I pastored in a local church, often a counselee came in my office. They had already decided they were done with their marriage and wanted a divorce. They were in my office for me as their pastor to put my stamp of approval upon what they had decided to do. We often approach the issues of divorce in remarriage from a legal standpoint. The different sides find their verses that declare that God hates divorce in Malachi or that there is an exception clause in Matthew. Instead we need to begin my asking, “Am I in love with my Father?  Is He the most important one to me? Is Jesus the ultimate love of my life?” This kind of a heart doesn't try to find legal grounds for its choices, but asks, “How am I doing with the first commandment?” Jesus began His answer to the Pharisees about the question of divorce by taking them back to Genesis 1 and 2 and when questioned further, He talked to them about the hardness of their hearts.


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