What I love about the Apostle Paul is that he doesn’t get caught in the wealthy trap, the influence trap, or the power trap. He even avoids the more subtle error of preaching that poverty itself is somehow holy. The Spirit of God uses him to reveal that our true identity is found as we gather together and kneel before God's gracious gift, Jesus, the Messiah. Common shepherds knelt before the baby in the manger. Rich wisemen from the East came and gave gifts to the young child in Bethlehem. Whether we are rich or poor, powerful or weak, we too can get down on our knees and worship our Savior. Let's stop worrying about, searching for, and then seeking to express our cheap version of our personal identity. If we die to ourselves, we will discover ourselves in worshiping, loving, and serving the King of Kings. Paul made it clear to the Corinthians that there is no human pride at the foot of the cross, only humble adoration of Jesus.


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