Why is it that young people who are raised in our churches go out into young adulthood, get exposed to a little magic from the dark side--objects flying, fortunes being told, and promises of internal powers--and they jettison their Sunday School lessons about Jesus and choose alternative spiritual paths? One of the reasons is that some of them never saw the authentic power of Jesus in our Monday through Saturday living. They saw religion on Sunday morning, but not authentically transformed lives.

Authenticity and reality--these are the realities millennials (18-29 year olds) are seeking, and play acting Christians don't deliver the goods. When we don't live what we preach, it generates fertile ground for demonic seduction and false teaching. Satan will give our young adults a false closeness in their new found "in" group. He'll give them feelings of power and liberation, but in the end it will only be a deception and a lie that leads to death.

Paul challenged the Corinthians and he challenges us to live with integrity in Jesus in our daily lives. This week let's allow Jesus to get into the fabric of our Monday morning living and allow Him to drive out the darkness with His light so that we can model authenticity and integrity to the next generation.


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