You see, a lot of us have the idea, ‘If I raise my kids according to a technique and the technique is right, then they’ll come out all right in the end. But when our kids do grow up, it often doesn't work out like it's supposed to. The truth is that God doesn't have any grandchildren. Everyone one of us needs to decide for ourselves whether we will believe in Jesus and ask Him to generate a new life within or whether we will choose to live our lives on another foundation. This is the choice that God's grace freely gives us; therefore, children can't blame their parents for the way they turned out. Parents can't blame themselves for their grown children's bad choices. Parents who get trapped in guilt will be easily manipulated by unrepentant adult kids and will enable these adults to keep dodging their own personal responsibility for the self-destructive things they continue to do. God's grace can erupt in their lives, but it won't happen till they repent and admit their personal responsibility and guilt.


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