Jesus likes to take the person least likely to believe in Him and change his or her heart. I hear folks say that the only reason people believe in Jesus is because that is what they were taught by their parents or that is what they were taught in their Christian school. Then they argue that if you would have been born in place like China or Iraq, then you would have a different belief system. The implication is that our belief in Jesus is just the product of the environment where we were raised. Before you buy into this view, begin with the Apostle Paul's testimony. He was hardly raised in a family who believed that Jesus was the Savior and the Messiah. Then go on an interview some of the folks in your town who believe in Jesus. You might find that Jesus hardly limits Himself to saving only those who were raised in a Christian environment. And before you make generalizations about either China or Iraq, it would be wise to research a little on those from these countries who believe Jesus died and rose again to forgive their sins and give them life.


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