Jesus rose again early Easter morning and that night He came to His disciples and ate with them. Doubting Thomas missed the meal. He wasn’t there. A week later, Jesus appears again. This time there he is, doubting Thomas. Jesus say's to him, “All right, Thomas, go ahead. Put your hand right into my side.” Jesus holds out his hand, “Thomas, go ahead. Take your hand, put it right here in the scar in my hand. It’s me.” Thomas doesn’t have to do either one of them. He falls flat on his face—the climax of the Gospel of John. “My Lord, and my God.”

Now, brothers and sisters, you have a choice. You can believe Thomas told the truth, and if you do, you must go into your high school, your college, your job, and ultimately to the whole world and share the reality of Jesus' resurrection. What we can't do is keep this precious truth to ourselves.


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