Paul says “I’m the greatest of sinners and Christ saved me to be an example that no one could say they missed out on the grace of God.” Some of you are letting Satan sit on your lap and say, “You can’t go on to Christlikeness. You can’t ever be above reproach.” Oh yes you can. By amazing grace, you can. This means that there is no unconfessed Watergate that you're hiding. There is nothing others can grab ahold of in your life that is secret. The amazing thing is that as a believer we can confess our sins, we can open up, and then Christ can work and restore. That is what Paul means when he says a leader must be "above reproach."

“I have such a bad past, I can never do that.” Oh, yes you can. Through the power of Jesus Christ, through the power of his Spirit working in your life, you as a man can be the kind of a daddy in your home you need to be. You can be the kind of a grandfather you need to be. You can start building through the power of grace in your life and become a man that is above reproach. Don’t let Satan sit on your lap saying, “You can’t do this,” because that is a lie.


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