What's going on when we ask our Heavenly Daddy not to lead us into a time of testing and the time of testing comes anyway? It's easy to start crying, “Maybe my prayers are worthless. Maybe God isn't there. Maybe just the fates and chance control the universe." We need to realize that this is part of the test.
In his Gospel Matthew describes a world where even God's Son faces rejection by His people, His disciples, and then in the climax of the Story even His own Father turned away. If God can use this ultimate time of testing to redeem us, then we can trust Him to use our time of testing for our good. Sometimes God doesn't deliver us from a tough test because He has a bigger plan. He did for His Son and we need to remember that the Story didn't end with the agony of the cross. It ended with the joyous resolution when Jesus conquered the grave. Testing doesn't necessarily mean that God isn't answering our prayers. It could mean that He is teaching us obedience and trust.


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