As you study the life of the Lord Jesus, you get a first-hand glimpse of what the Kingdom of God is like.  But as you see that Kingdom, there is a tremendous conflict.  Jesus will hang on a cross, stay there and eventually die. It will seem like death and sin and disease have won the day, but then the third day He victoriously rises from the dead. As Jesus ascends to heaven at the end of Luke , He says that “his kingdom is not of this world.”  “This kingdom is going to be within people’s hearts and has  to do with a personal relationship, a personal commitment to me.  I’m not going to just visibly and powerfully  source the Kingdom.”  Remember Jesus said one day in His ministry, “Many are forcing their way into the Kingdom,”  implying that you can’t force your way into the kingdom, you have to come in humbly.  You have to come in by faith.


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