Some of you men are convinced "Miss Perfect" is out there.  You're always looking and your standards are impossible.  Since you were an adolescent, your eyes have feasted on idealized versions of a woman.  You sneak the magazines, you look at late night movies, you scour the Internet. The tragedy is that you could be missing the noble wife that your Heavenly Father has for you. Another Satanic lie is that sex is far sweeter with someone who is forbidden, the perfect ten that doesn't want to commit to a permanent relationship. Our culture thinks that "free love" is something invented in the ‘60s. Actually Proverbs was warning young men against the lie that stolen water is sweeter a thousand years before Jesus. Check out what the father has to say about the intoxicating pleasure of marital sexual love in Proverbs 5 before you settle for the make believe of false idealization or the wicked fun of immorality.


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