If we don't accept the love of Calvary, if we haven't received God's gift of salvation, there is a good chance that we will reject the moral laws that God has given us for our own good. This is the craziness of sin. We think we can find life, health, and fulfillment by doing the very things that will kill us. The early history of Israel as reviewed by Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy reveals a nation that was given divine laws, but did the possession of these Commandments give them life? God's Law was good and right, but the Israelites, like all of us, had a major flaw. By nature we want to do the opposite of what God tells us is good for us, and the pay for this is death. This is the reason all the religions in the world challenging us to use their technique to live a better life all bite the dust. Moses, the great law giver of Israel, points us forward to the prophet who will be greater than he. This Messiah will not just give us the Law. He will live the Law in his life and then offer this perfect life as the sacrifice that can pay for all our transgressions. Without Jesus within, there is no power to live the commands of God.


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