I often hear parents tell their college age kids, "You need to get your degree done, get established in a career, get some financial security. Then you can think about marriage." Think about it. We're telling our kids that we want them to be sexually pure, but we are asking them not to have sex for many years during the most sexually passionate time in their life. I hear lots of moral indignation against homosexuality and transgenderism, but not a lot of passion against the fact that there are few evangelical weddings where the couple are not already cohabitiing. When my wife and I fell in love in our late teens, we're thankful that there were some wise, biblical counselors who asked, "Do you both love Jesus? Do you know that you love each other?" When we said yes, then they said, "Then it’s time to get engaged and soon thereafter to get married. The Lord will help you all to get the training that you need." We did, and we were in grad school nine years after our college degrees. God used hard work and the graciousness of some older believers to get us through. All four of our children got married in their early twenties and now they are busy raising our twelve grandchildren. We need to stop being afraid of allowing our own kids to go through the same hard times that we did. Passions can burn between the sexes, especially in the young, and the Apostle Paul is still giving his inspired advice to singles facing this temptation, "It's better to marry than to burn."


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