All kinds of scruples about food and drink, clothes, and keeping religious rules cuts us off from the people who most desperately need to hear about Jesus' gracious forgiveness. The Apostle Paul challenges us to love others enough to adapt in ways that will enable us to connect with them. That's why he tells us, “When I’m with Jews, I don’t eat idol meat. When I’m with believers that are uptight about it, I don’t eat it. When I’m in another situation where they could care less, then I eat it.” This is not vacillating values but a man who is passionate about reaching others. It’s hard to have this kind of cultural freedom, but if we are going to break down barriers so that we can connect with different kinds of people so that they can hear the truth about Jesus, we need to follow Paul's example. We must be all things to all men so that we might win some.


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