We like the thrill of victory, not the agony of defeat. Failure! Some of you as you think about your life, there is a lot of despondency. Why? Because you don’t feel you’ve accomplished in life what you meant to accomplish. You haven’t made the money you’ve thought you would make. You haven’t achieved the fame you thought you’d have. Somebody a little above the ladder kind of just shoveled you down and failure is what you are really facing. You feel like instead of sailing, you've crashed off the ramp of life. There is no one who faced failure from a human point of view more than Jesus. His people rejected him. His disciples betrayed, denied, and fled from him. Even his own Heavenly Father turned his back on him, but on Easter morning the true story emerged. HIs death was not failure. It was our redemption. Because Jesus died and rose again, not matter how dark and ugly things might get in our life, one day we will step on shore an find out we are breathing celestial air. There is no final failure when Jesus dwells within.


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