I hear it a lot in our culture. "Stop judging. Everyone has the right to do what they believe, feel, and desire!" When we begin to think that God isn't judging anyone anymore, we've got a big problem. Is God in Heaven a nice sweet Santa Claus who never brings coal and thistles? Naughty or nice--we all get the gifts. Before buying into this deception, we better check out the fact that God is still righteous and holy. If we go party, get drunk, take drugs, and hook up thinking that God couldn't care less, we might want to check out how this kind of behavior influences the life expectancy charts insurance companies use to determine how much it will cost to insure us. Sin still destroys, and the Bible still ends with a Great White Throne of judgment. But today there's still time to escape God's righteous judgment by trusting that Jesus paid our debt of sin in full.


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