We need to keep going until the Lord calls us home. We need to keep charging through the doors he opens for us until he opens the door to the place he's prepared for us in heaven. Go until the Lord calls you home.

We might even become weak physically, but Jesus can make us strong in Spirit so that we can keep being involved in the lives of others. If we live for our careers, there will come a time when they ask us to leave. Where's life's purpose and meaning going to come from then? Live for your kids, and there will come a time when they will tell you they need to establish their own family traditions and they won't need our constant input. Can life still have meaning when our kids don't need us anymore? The Apostle Paul shows us a life purpose that never loses its meaning. If we pour our lives into helping others meet the true biblical Jesus and accept his gift of salvation by faith, we will discover that this purpose keeps on generating meaning and life.


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