Over the years we've heard a lot of talk to kids about "Just Say No." By now I would think we parents and teachers would figure out that there is a deep flaw in human nature. We can know beyond a shadow of doubt that a behavior is cruel, stupid, and self-destructive but we will still do it. In fact, the danger makes it even more exciting to try it. That's why Proverbs under the Old Covenant states that kids needed to let wisdom give them not just right information, but a new heart. In the New Testament we learn far more. Jesus is God's ultimate Wisdom and He didn't just teach us truth. He died to pay the penalty for our foolishness and wickedness. He went on to rise from the dead. Therefore, He has the credentials to give us a new core and the power not to act in disobedient self-destruction. The Son of God is the only One who can forgive us for our inability to "Just Say No" and the power to "Just Say Yes" to His love and His commands about life.


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