As followers of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is going to help us fulfill this commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” In the Ten Commandments, Yahweh is telling us that, for example, in a courtroom, where a person's life is on the line, we can’t bear false testimony, lie about what did or did not happen. God warned his people about turning the courtroom into fake news. This might be the game played by cunning lawyers, but whether you are a prosecutor or a defender, the ninth commandment still says it's wrong to lie against your neighbor in a court of law. And we need to remember how things turned out for Ahab and Jezebel when they used false testimony to get an innocent man killed so they could steal his land. We can play our games but God decides in the end, and he knows the truth. We can't build a culture on lies and deceit. And Jesus is the one man who has ever lived who can give us the power to tell the truth to one another, and especially in court. They could hurl false accusations against him, but God has declared who was true and right.


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