Sometimes we can do everything right financially, but we still lose it all. That's why Jesus told us not to worship money. It's a very undependable "god." Proverbs teaches that usually if we live wisely, we will be blessed financially, but there are exceptions. Proverbs speaks about folks who are poor because of injustice and abuse by the wicked. We need to be careful not to conclude when someone is in dire straits that it's all their fault. Injustice in business and in the courts can rob folks of what is legitimately theirs. We need to resist these injustices, but we also need to know that there are financial disasters that we get into because of our own stupidity, and sometimes we are stupid because we are ignorant. So mom and dad, sit down and teach your kids how to use a check book and save. Teach them how to use a credit card without falling into debt. Teach them the real dangers of assuming bad debts, especially when you co-sign with someone you thought you could trust.


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