Just as the Old Testament predicted He would come, He has come. He came at exactly the right time, He did the details of the Bethlehem birth--a pregnant virgin, the City of David, rejection by His people, acceptance by the humble and needy, the need to flee. All this happened just as the Old Testament predicted. He came at the right time. He did the right thing. All the miracles the Old Testament said the Messiah would do, Jesus did. The sacrificial death that Isaiah said the Messiah would suffer--Jesus fulfilled every detail. He was rejected. He was crucified. He was buried, but He rose again. We either put all of our hope in Jesus and bow down and worship Him forever, or we join those who shouted, "Crucify Him!" No one divides more strongly than the Bethlehem Child, the Son of David, the King of Israel, the Savior of the world. This Christmas have you joined the shepherds and the wisemen kneeling before Jesus the King or are you still shouting, "Crucify Him!" 


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