When the Ancient Hebrews talked about getting information into their kids, they didn't just talk about getting information into their heads. Their kids didn't really know something until it was deep in their soul and then worked out through their hands and feet in real life action. The point wasn't to teach objective information alone, but train in life. For example it wasn't enough to have your son or daughter answer correctly when you asked them about whether or not it was smart to ride their bike out into the street where 18 wheelers rumbled by. The parents knew their kids got the lesson when they saw them actually turn their bike around when the traffic got too heavy. Internalizing wisdom---that's what we need to be after in our kids and the entire Book of Proverbs in the Bible is there to help us do this. There are thirty-one chapters. So one chapter a day means the entire book can be read easily in a month. Not a bad choice for parents seeking to raise kids today in a dumber and dumber world. 

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