Just stop for a moment and think about your death. It’s tough. We quickly run away to more pleasant thoughts, but it's a fact that if we live long enough, we will die. But the Apostle Paul comforts us faced with this stark reality, “Don’t be afraid. I’ve already seen a man who was dead, but he’s not dead anymore. Because of the Damascus Road, that dead Savior proved to be very much alive and he just sledge hammered me out of my Judaism, out of my Pharisaism and I became a disciple of the living Christ. It is not religion, it is not a good philosophy. I already had all that. But on the Damascus Road, I did not find religion, I did not find philosophy, I did not find good teaching. What I found was ultimate reality.” Paul says to us, “Believe in the resurrected Jesus, who I've actually seen alive, and death becomes a paper tiger.”


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