Day 27 ThemeDeath and Dying

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death– 1 Corinthians 15:26

In this life we face many daunting foes: temptation, grief, discouragement, fear (to name just a few). But none has proven so devastatingly indestructible as death itself.

As children of God, we have all known what it is to fight against sorrow, to war against lust, to battle with depression — and still emerge victorious, through the power of Jesus Christ. But none of us has ever known anyone who has locked horns with that grim enemy Death successfully.

The last enemy, the one whom we all quake to face, is the very enemy that we cannot possibly defeat. But this is the very same foe that Christ has promised to vanquish on our behalf! The last enemy will be His final victory.

Christ, Paul declares, is mighty in the destruction, not only of His own enemies, but of yours as well! In fact, Christ was willing to feel death Himself, so that we might be forever delivered from the power that death had over us.

With death destroyed, what is left for the child of God, but everlasting life? With the last enemy finally conquered, no further adversary could ever be expected to raise its ugly head against us. Beloved, the same inexorable power that is employed in overcoming the enemies of God has been exercised on your behalf, in order to bring death to its own demise!

Jesus Christ will one day bury death. And the triumphant monument that He will raise over its grave will be the everlasting host of His redeemed children.

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