Day 2 ThemeSovereignty of God

Our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased - Psalm 115:3

To say that God is sovereign is just another way of saying that God is God. God has the right to do as He pleases. He is in charge, He is working His will and accomplishing His purposes.

Recognizing the truth of sovereignty gives us the right view of the character of God. He has power over all (Psalm 99:1). He is holy and just (Isaiah 6:1-7). All things are for His glory (Revelation 4:11). God is not frustrated or disappointed, as He is sometimes represented, but is working all things after the counsel of His own will (Ephesians 1:11).

This truth provides a great sense of security and hope for His people. They see that no vicious enemy, no catastrophic event, no unexpected trial can affect God's sovereign reign. As Psalm 46 declares, even if the earth was removed or the mountains carried into the sea, God is a refuge for His people. And they are further assured that what may be a long night of affliction can be turned into brightness as the heavenly Father teaches His children in their time of trouble.

God's sovereignty gives assurance in salvation. We see that human merit or mere human choice is not the basis of salvation; rather, it is all of grace originating with God's choice, being based on the death of His Son, and ultimately consummated because of His effectual work.

What peace comes by resting our case in the hands of Jesus, knowing He is King of kings and Lord of lords. Understanding the truth of sovereignty will evoke praise to His great name because we recognize all glory belongs to Him. Our God is in the heavens! 

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