Sharing the Gospel can be intimidating at times. It can be hard to figure out the right words to say or you may feel like you don’t know enough about the Bible. You may feel like there hasn’t been a right time to share the Gospel. I want to encourage you, that there may never feel like there is a right time. We have to trust in God and He will give you the right words to say. 

Sharing the Gospel is the most important purpose that God has called us to. Here are some sermons that will help you and encourage you to share the Gospel with others.

Sharing the Heart of the Gospel at Your Table

Your dining room can be a place of gathering, love, and fellowship. Bri McKoy will encourage you to discover the power of sit-down meals and opening your home to guests. From neighbors… to others who are broken, you’ll be inspired to reach out and invite people into your home.

Sharing the Gospel

How can I share the Gospel with my father? What is the difference between the Great White Throne judgment and the bema seat judgment? Why does Jesus present a conditional forgiveness in the Lord’s Prayer? Are we only forgiven by God if we forgive others first?

Sharing the Gospel in the "Information Age"

Today, people are bombarded with information. We live in the information age. An age that seems to develop very short attention spans and the capacity to tune out the extraneous. Conceptual processing paradigms are changing. Teaching methods and advertising have changed to keep up with the way information is processed. In sharing Christ, we need to adjust our methods. God’s Word does not change. His truth stands forever. However, we need to capture the listener’s attention before they will focus on the message content.

Paul did something along this line in New Testament times. Paul was known for creating quite a stir among his listeners in the marketplace and sharing the Gospel with unction. Tune in as Richard L. Hamlet examines Paul’s message in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 and shares three observations that created a stir in hearts of the Thessalonians.

Sharing the Gospel

Larry Osborne, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Jessica Thompson, and Randy Newman talk about sharing the gospel with members of your family.

Defending the Gospel, Part 1

Paul was a man of passion and commitment. God uses us as he finds us, and he changes our heart and direction and gives us a new nature and desire. All of Paul's passion is now being used to glorify God.

Defending the Gospel, Part 2

If you're following Jesus, do not be discouraged if you are experiencing a contrary current flowing against you, for it is living faith that swims upstream and only dead faith that floats downstream.

The Gospel in Action