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Daily Guide by Pastor Simon Measures

Beautiful music from Jonathan Urie gently interwoven with inspiring and encouraging messages from DAILY GUIDE written by Pastor Simon Measures. A great collection of 20 uplifting One for the Road Moments of Music and Inspiration “JUST FOR YOU”. 

Daily Guide - My Christian Ministry and Church by Pastor Simon Measures

Pastor Simon Measures is the Christian minister behind the Teaching Pages web site. He has been in Christian ministry since 1975 and has been ministering over the internet via email and web pages since early 1997.

Simon is the pastor of Harvest Field Church, England. This is the church his wife, Ruth, and he planted in Cheltenham in 1992.

The emphasis in my ministry is on Christian teaching (while maintaining pastoral care as a priority within the church). Simon has a heart-felt desire to see Christians well established in their faith. He delights to see believers grasping the wonder and power of the precepts and promises of God.

Daily Guide: http://www.thevirtualchurch.com/dailyguide

Virtual Church: http://www.thevirtualchurch.com/index.php

Teaching Pages: http://www.teachingpages.co.uk/index