Hope Ministry with Inseong Kim

Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 14

December 4, 2016

Psalm 22, Psalm 23 and Psalm 24 are thematically progressive in revealing God's Attribute and His salvation.

Psalm 22 is about the Crucifixion. Psalm 23 is about the guidance of God in our salvation. Psalm 24 is about the Glory of God entering the house of the Lord.

We are going to study Psalm 23 for twelve weeks and see that God is Good.

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This program shares the love of Jesus Christ, especially to those who either know someone or are dealing themselves with the emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical pain associated with the often misunderstood procedure of abortion.

About Inseong Kim

Hope Ministry was founded by Steven and Inseong Kim. They experienced abortion when they were newly married. They suffered from the result of that simple choice for twenty years. Through Calvary Community Church, God showed His grace upon them. They experienced redemption by the love of Jesus at the cross. They had a heart for those who were hurting in the darkness, and in response to God’s calling, they started Hope Ministry. Now they attend Calvary Community Church in Phoenix Arizona. The Word of God is the medicine for our soul and the church where people practice the love and the grace of God is the best hospital. The sisters in Women's Ministries at Calvary are like flowers in as an endless field. They accept anyone who loves Jesus without any discrimination nor excluding anyone. Abba’s Author group at Calvary is the first small group of women, where I do not have sweat in my palms whenever I meet them. Their love was the fragrance of Jesus. Inseong and Steven have three children as the gift of God.

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